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Past Guests

    Past Guests

    We have had some brilliant guests performing at Evidently. Here are the past headliners:

    Tommy Sissons

    David Jarman

    JB Barrington

    Jack Smurf

    Clare Ferguson-Walker 

    Isaiah Hull

    Adele Hampton 

    Joe Cooper

    Daniel Cockrill

    Ciaran Hodgers

    Louise Fazackerley

    Gary from Leeds

    MiKo Berry

    Tim Ledwitch

    Gerry Potter

    Colin Davies

    Sophia Walker

    Jeff Cottrill

    Natasha T Miller

    Shane Romero

    Calum Dwyer

    Ash Dickinson

    Tom Kwei

    Mab Jones

    Kate Bendelow

    Rose Condo

    Robert Garnham


    The Beat Freeks

    Shirley May

    Reece Williams

    A.F. Harrold

    Miles Hadfield

    Monkey Poet

    Jack Dixon

    Rod Tame

    Michael Bennett

    Martin Visceral

    Big Charlie Poet

    Andrew 'MulletProof' Graves

    Zach Roddis

    Benny-Jo Zahl

    Steve Nash

    Tony Walsh

    Oh Standfast

    Rosie Garland 

    Sarah Miller 

    Dominic Berry 

    David Judge 

    David Viney

    Trevor Meaney 

    Thick Richard 

    Elmi Ali

    Ben Mellor 

    Keisha Thompson 

    Gutted you missed out? No worries, you can watch them all on our Youtube page.

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