Poetry to the masses - Funny, thought-provoking and entertaining...!


    Meet the team! This is the ensemble that put on our nights. We want to thank our mothers and fathers, our acting coaches, to everyone that ever believed in us.... 

    King-180Host - Kieren King

    Salford born Kieren King is a heathen and an anarchist, he must be approached with caution at all times. Tickling him behind the ear has been proven to soothe him.

    Co-founder of Evidently, Mr King is a winner of slams, speaker of words and host-er of nights.


    Gainsborough-180Ella Gainsborough - General dogs-body

    She does the bits behind the scene. You know, buying Haribo, keeping accounts, doing tech, setting up the room... the fun stuff.  

    Co-founder of Evidently, Ella  sees Evidently as a way to shout at Kieren a lot (occasionally with good reason). 



    11781661 10155899214220109 259062920431029680 nLiv Barnes - Peace Keeper

    Liv joined us back in Oct 2015, mainly to stop Kieren and Ella from killing each other, but she also helps out with the organising, running and hosting duties.

                                                          HQ love to call her our intern… Liv is less keen on this.  




    The-Eagle-Inn-Exterior-180The Eagle Inn - The HQ

    The Eagle Inn is a fantastic pub and our home away from home. The staff are friendly, the beer is good and you can find us in the back room! What more could you want?!

    Huge thanks to Ester and her team for all their hard work!



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